10 Inventions that Changed the History of Game Sound | #gameaudio


today I share a great article from A Sound Effect blog, that brings us a list of 10 inventions that changed the game sound. If you want to understand more about how DigAudiogame audio evolved along the years, it’s a great article.

One of the items that most that surprised me was the #1: mechanical music:

In the late 1890s, when games were found on the Midways, the penny arcades, hotel lobbies and dime stores, games would exist alongside the early film and coin-operated music boxes. At the time, many games had a gambling component where the player could win a token that could be redeemed. The problem was, most of the States had anti-gambling laws, which meant the games were illegal (in fact, believe it or not, due to its association with gambling, pinball remained officially illegal in many States up until the 1970s!).

The way that the game companies got around the law was to add a simple music box and declare the games coin-operated “music machines”, where the player would always hear a song, even if they lost the game. That way, they were paying to hear the music, not to gamble on the game! If the police showed up, the arcades would quickly put up a sign on the game that read,

“This is not a gaming device. Any person desiring to gamble must not put any money in this machine. As a consideration for the use of this music machine and the music furnished, it is expressly agreed that all for the nickels which come out of the cup below must and shall be played back into the machine, thereby giving more music.”

Surprising, right?

Well, if you wanna discover more about this, here is the link: http://www.asoundeffect.com/10-inventions-that-changed-the-history-of-game-sound/

Enjoy 🙂

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