Getting a Game Audio Job | #gameaudio

No, this post is not meant to give you a formula on how to get a job creating sound for games, neither a list of “top 10 attitudes for getting that game audio dream job”. There’s no formula, and lists giving you one are just bullshit.

On the other hand, a while ago I found a great article for people that, like me, are mastudioking a change on their career path: I’m a sound engineer for five years now, graduated at SAE-NY in 2010, that has been basically working with music and ads since graduation. But now I’m planning on focusing my career on audio for games.

If you’re, like me, trying this, you know that can be pretty hard and tricky, specially when you have a small number of connections in the game industry. So I’m sharing this article, that helped me understand a little more about some things to be done that can ease this route change.

Well, it’s called Make Some Noise! Getting a Job Creating Sound and Music for Videogames, and was written by Will Morton, a experienced videogame audio producer that has worked on titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, etc.

It’s a must read if you’re starting your career on the game audio production, doesn’t matter if you’re a industry newcomer (recently graduated) or an experienced audio engineer changing your career route.

Hope it helps you!

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