Passion and Work | #career

It’s a common place to say “work with what you love”, or “pursue your passion”. We’ve been hearing that a lot for some time now, on TEDs conferences, books and Oprah’s TV shows. But, is that a good advice? It always made me wonder.

Well, there’s no simple answer to that question, and probably this is not a “right or wrong” matter. That said, this post does not intend to answer it.

But today I came across a video that made me think about this, and how passion can make you perform in a unique way on your career. And it amazed me.

Her name is Alondra de la Parra, a Mexican conductor that is different from most of the conductors I’ve seen before: she transmits passion, joy and love thru her performance.

I do not have a great knowledge on orchestral conduction nor in classical music, so I can’t say that she’s a great professional (although her biography seems pretty incredible).

But, what I can affirm is watching her conducting the Orchestre de Paris made me want to do that, and see more videos of her, and listen more of her performances…. in other words: it made me happy, amazed and it was really inspiring.

So maybe to “pursue your passion” may not be easy nor a universal advice, but sometimes it can really make a difference on your professional performance and that can make you become a much better professional than if you were doing something that you didn’t care that much. On top of that, it also can make you inspire a bunch of people, and this may feel great.

Hope you enjoyed the video. 🙂


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