Venues and Music Composition – David Byrne | #composing #mixing

Let’s start with a statement: composers, over the years, took venues and places they composed into consideration while composing there songs. And this changed the style, rhythm, tempo and texture of their composition.

You never thought about this before, right?! And it sounds strange, at first… but if you analyze it, makes complete sense.

Imagine composing a complex uptempo rhythmic song, with all those percussion instruments (and their spiked attacks), playing lots of notes per bar, inside a huge church (with its natural reverb and echoes acting on the instruments and making everything sound muddy, confusing and undetailed). Probably you would stop and try to make another kind of song, something that suited better the place it was going to be played and listened to. Something with less rhythm, more texture and long notes.

Interesting, right?

Well, that’s what David Byrne talks about in this video of TED Talks, entitled ” How architecture helped music evolve”.

It’s an amazing discussion he proposes on how the way we listen to music changed the way we compose it thru history.

It’s great for composers, musicians and producers to take this into account whenever they are working, thing about their next project or album.

Even mixing engineers gotta think about this. Unconsciously, many already do.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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