The Sound Design of Journey | #gameaudio

Journey was one of the most incredible games for PS3: it’s beautiful, fluid, interesting and sounds great!

6a00e3982444028833016303616f31970dAnd if you, like me, would like to know more about the sound design for this game, there’s a very interesting article about it: The Sound Design of Journey.

Steve Johnson tell us about the process of creating the sounds and effects for the game, with some examples. It’s indeed an amazing and creative work.

The footsteps on stone came from a hacky sack that sits on TGC designer Nick Clark’s desk. The footsteps on metal were made by tapping the side panel of a PC case held loosely against the grated shelf of a mini-fridge.

Cool, right?

Oh! It’s a 4 page article, so be sure to click on “Next” after the text (it’s a little green box, that not everybody will see without knowing its there).

Well, hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz –

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