A Composer’s Guide to Game Music (Winifred Phillips) | #gameaudio

Hey you all!

Well, I’m here again to recommend a weekend reading: the book “A Composer’s Guide to
Game Music”, by Winifred Phillips (a very well known game music composer).

9780262026642_0As the title suggests, it’s a game music composing and producing oriented book, that doesn’t talk so much about middleware or any other game audio related subject.

The book is very well written and assumes the reader knows some music theory. Besides that, it’s an easy reading book and not long at all (275 pages).

Phillips covers a wide range of subjects: explains a bit about the game music market, suggests what are the main skills a composer should have, describes how music makes the gameplay deeper and more immersive, walks us thru the music genres and how they relate to different game genres, throws light on the difference between linear and interactive music, and many other important contents.

In summary, it’s an amazing and fund reading book that everyone willing to work with music for games (or even experienced composers who want to widen their knowledge) should read.

Enjoy it! 😀

Mauricio Ruiz – www.mauricioruiz.me


3 thoughts on “A Composer’s Guide to Game Music (Winifred Phillips) | #gameaudio

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