The FEZ Soundtrack and SFX | #gameaudio


Today I wanna talk a little bit about the soundtrack / SFX of an amazing game: FEZ.

First of all, let me be sincere: I just love this game. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, its visual design fez-01-700x366is awesome, and the music / sound design are great! So, have this in mind while reading this.

Well, if you never played FEZ, it is a platform puzzle adventure, where you control FEZ, a cute little character that jumps and grabs cubes. There are no enemies, nothing to kill or jump on the head. It’s a game about saving the universe, traveling around and discovering its mysteries. Also, a game that plays with dimensions, which is really cool, and was conceived in a very fun way. Here is a YouTube video with its soundtrack so you can get to know it before seeing the other videos:

As you can hear, it’s is all about textures. It remind us of the old 8 bit games, their synths and timbers. The cinematic landscape pads synths are all around and give the mood of the game all the time.

The music was composed by Rich Vreeland (aka Disasterpeace | twitter: @disasterpeace). He is a great composer for games, take a look at his portfolio.

In this fist video, Vreeland talks about the process of composing and music designing for FEZ: his conversations with the game designers and developers, how he tried to mix and mach each “world” and its mood to a type of music and theme, where he got his
compositions ideas, etc etc etc. Also, gives us some nice ideas on interactive music, and how they managed to make the instruments and layers combine themselves in “aleatory” ways, giving the music a different vibe each time (like when he talks about the Puzzle levels). It also has some nice technical tips and insights about the music system used on the game, and also the audio implementation.

The second video I wanna share is a workshop Vreeland gave about the music production techniques he used to compose for the game. This is more a technical video where he shows us how he achieved the synth sounds of FEZ: pads, leads, etc etc etc. He basically uses Logic X and Massive (by Native Instruments), but has some interesting ideas and tweaks. Really worth watching it.

Well that’s it…

An example of what you will find when you put the track on a spectrogram

Ops, no! One more thing. On top of a great soundtrack, the game has some hidden secrets “inside” its music. Not secret passages or anything, but “images” you can see when you open the tracks on a spectrogram. All you gotta do is: buy the soundtrack from Disasterpeace’s website (a 5 dollars minimum “pay-what-you-want” deal), open a track (high quality) in any program with a spectrogram. Then go to the end of the track, and zoom in. Voilà!

Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz –

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