The Sound of Skyrim | #gameaudio

Hey, a quick post today.

Skyrim is one of the games I most loved in my entire game life (I’m 33, and have been playing games since 1989, my first Atari…). For me, it is an almost perfect game, and one skyrim1of the reasons I still have my PS3, although I have a PS4 too. Just love it.

So, yesterday I was searching the web for some game sound related stuff, and stumbled across some videos about the sound of Skyrim. Short videos, but really interesting. And I come here today to share them with you. The first one was released before the game was launched, and the others, after.

All of them are a kind of an interview with Mark Lampert, sound designer and audio director at Bethesda, by Game Informer (besides one, “The Sound of Skyrim”, that is an official Bethesda video).

So, no more talking…

Enjoy! 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz –

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