The Sound of Jurassic World | #sounddesign

Jurassic Park was a great film. And in terms os sound design, it determined how dinosaurs should sound, mainly because of two factors: first, it was a huge movie, a blockbuster; second, it sounded amazing.JURASSIC-WORLD-15-1940x1042

So, how do you take a sound legacy, created by Gary Rydstrom, and try to make it better, without loosing its identity?! Well, that must be hard, and exciting, right? And in Jurassic
World, it had to be done.

The film below is a shot talk with Pete Horner and Al Nelson (the two sound designers in charge of the film) in which they talk a bit about the process of creating new sounds, new textures, without loosing the sonic characteristics of Jurassic Park.

Also, if you want to know a bit more about how Jurassic Park sound was designed, Vulture has a great article about it called “You’ll Never Guess How the Dinosaur Sounds in Jurassic Park Were Made“.

Enjoy them 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz –

PS.: Thanks to Edward Bauman for showing me this video

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