So, what about Acoustic Treatment? | #studio

Let’s be honest: if you have a small studio, or a home studio, chances are that you don’t have a proper acoustic treatment. You may think you have, but it’s probably not true. Why? Because the majority of us doesn’t know what we’re doing.

And that’s a huge problem! It doesn’t matter if you have a great audio interface (with state of art DA converters), and amazing flat sounding monitors. If this is all in a room that colors your sound, what you’re hearing is not what you’re doing. So, in the end, many of our mixing and designing problems are not related to our capacity of doing a good work, but mainly to our crapy sounding room and its capacity of tricking us into thinking that we need to change something that already sounds good.

surround-mixing-listening-room-acoustic-treatment-1That’s why I’m here today to share some stuff that will help you make your room sound much, much better.

First, a book that can help you build / redesign your studio. Called How to Build a Small Budget Recording Studio From Scratch (written by F. Alton Everest and Mike Shea – I have the third edition), it presents 12 tested studio designs (classified by their different uses), and all the examples an theory you need to build a good workplace: acoustic equations and materials, sound lock acoustical treatments, wall constructions, reverberation time, etc etc etc. It’s a really complete book, that has a lot a practical tips without leaving some theory behind.

But, if you don’t wanna getting so deep into the subject (although I think you should), or doesn’t have the budget or place to do a complete build / redesign, you still can improve your studio with some more “simple” acoustical adjustments.

And, for this, here are some links where you can find some really useful tips:

Well, that’s it! Hope this all can help! Now, it’s up to you 😀

Mauricio Ruiz –


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