Great Examples of Soundtracks in Gaming | #gameaudio

Ok, I’ll be honest: I hate articles that gives us lists and “the best of” something. But, last week a friend of mine, Thiago Adamo, posted this link from Tech Insider, called The 10 best examples of video game music being completely amazing, that brings us great examples of how game music can be amazing.

It’s a great article that can show us (and give some great benchmark ideas) of some of super-mario-world-2the most interesting game music throughout history, and that we can make good songs for every game genre.

And the cool thing about it is that it has examples from the hole video-game era: from 86 “Metroid”, to the modern games like “Journey”, “FEZ”, “Unfinished Swan”… commented by Emily Reese (video game music podcaster).

And after reading it, I would like to share the ones from the article I most liked and some I think that went missing.

Super Mario Land

FEZ (I already wrote a great article about it)

Journey (I also wrote an article about it)

Super Mario World (I just love this theme song)

The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past (the tension and orchestration of this game music is great)

The Elders Scrolls V – Skyrim (another theme that I wrote about)

And yours? I would like to know what other examples you would add. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed.

Mauricio Ruiz –


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