Hearing Tarantino: a video (plus a little funny bonus) | #sounddesign

I love Tarantino movies. He’s the man. His films are interesting, fun to watch, beautiful, have amazing soundtracks and (many people may not notice) have a great, really great, tumblr_lxxaasFmPG1qz9qooo1_500sound design.

You probably can still remember the sound of Uma Thurman’s sword on Kill Bill, or the “thump” when Travolta gives her the adrenaline shot on Pulp Fiction. Or the sound (oh, what a sound) of when Brad Pitt scalpels out the top of nazi’s head…. well, the list goes on.

Because of that Jacob T. Swinney made a short movie with some of this amazing sounds from many of Tarantino’s movies. It’s a class on how to make fast, punchy and remarkable sound effects.


Now, the little funny bonus: there’s a super funny short movie called Tarantino’s Mind (it’s Brazilian, but has english subtitles), that talks about how all Tarantino’s Movies are actually one. It’s really fun to watch, specially if you’re a fan.

Hope you enjoyed 😀

Mauricio Ruiz – www.mauricioruiz.me


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