Indiana Jones Punch and Whip Sounds Recreated | #sounddesign

We all love the Indiana Jones movies, right?! No? Well, I guess it’s me….Indiana Jones Punching

But, we all can agree on something: they sound great! The sound track is amazing… but, most of all, the punch and whip sounds are really cool! Although they don’t sound very, very real when you listen closely; they have a really nice, punchy and interesting character that makes us want to understand how it was created.

(Just for you to remember, a small video compilation of the punch and whip sounds)

Well, The Sound Keeper Blog got us covered. They researched and recreated the sounds, and wrote a post about it, called “Indiana Jones Punch Sound Effect Recreated!“. It’s a pretty interesting process, where they recreate the analog distortion used to give a boomy and aggressive character for the sounds.

(…) I then ran that through Analog Channel and Decapitator to get an analog distortion sound.  Below you can see my Decapitator settings:

The “Drive” knob is set really high to get the sound to distort.

Also, you can see how the punch and whip sounds are combined to build a unique sound with the “meaty” and the high end whip tail.

It’s a pretty interesting tutorial that gives us some insights and remind us that: sound design is all about layers, layers and more layers.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz –

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