Interactive Game Audio Starter Kit (via @gamasutra, by @Ali_LookListen) | #gameaudio

So, you wanna start to work with interactive audio for games, but, let’s face it: it’s not easy to find projects and places where you can practice, especially when you are talking about the implementation side of things (using the middleware like WWise, FMod, etc).

Well, Ali Tocher (twitter @Ali_LookListen), at his blog in Gamasutra, has taken care of this: he wrote a post where he shares tips, tutorials and resources that you can use to do your limboown “sound replacement” on actual projects! It’s called Game Audio Starter Kit: Tips, tutorials and code samples to get you started.

Yes! I must say that this is awesome, and a great help for people that. like me, is starting to work with game audio and has difficulty finding projects that we can use middleware to implement our work.

There’s no more excuses, so go read it. And practice. Now!

Hope this helps you as has helped me.

Mauricio Ruiz –


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