4 Techniques to Optimise Game Audio | #GameAudio

Hey! If you work with game audio (specially for console or mobile gaming) you know that optimising your assets is a big deal, as important as the sound effects and soundtrack quality.

And that’s simple to understand: on mobile and game consoles, we have limited space and process power to work with. So, we need to use them wisely, and optimising the audio files is an important way of doing this.

That’s why I bring you this 30 minute video, called “4 Simple Techniques for Optimising Your Game’s Audio”, by Jordan Reed.

In this video, Jordan talks about four aspects:

  • Trimming long tails.
  • Combining assets (where possible).
  • Converting short files.
  • Compressing long files.

Hope this helps you too! 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz – www.mauricioruiz.me


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