Pro Audio Career – Getting Started | #Career

The end of the year is approaching, and we all wanna make changes, we all have resolutions for the new year. Some people wanna get into the audio business (maybe changing careers, or as their first choice), but many times the don’t know how. Yes, I’ve been there, and I know how that feels.

So today, as a way of helping this to happen, I share a post from the Recording-Studio-Accordian-DoorsCreative Field Recording blog, called “Pro Sound Career Advice – Getting Started“. Its a really good article for people that want to take their first step on audio, and don’t know exactly how to start.

Paul Virostek (the writer) is a field recordist since 1996, and travels the world doing what he loves to do. As an experienced professional, he divides his post into five general tips:

  1. Pick a discipline.
  2. Create a website.
  3. Join a community.
  4. Showcase your talent.
  5. Find facility work.

stephenvitiellobykatymcdanielNot focusing on field recording, he shares advices in a general way, helping people to start in any audio specialty.

There are some interesting tips, even for people that are already in business for some time now (I myself learned some interesting stuff on this article).

Hope it’s helpful for you too! 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz –

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