Creativity, design, limitations, success: a selection of videos | #Career

Hey, you all! Today I’m here to share a selection of videos that I find interesting, inspiring and that made me think about many things: my career, what is and where is success, creativity, design, etc etc etc.

All short videos (TED Talks), so won’t take too much of your time.

Hope you enjoy them, as much as I did! šŸ˜€

Mauricio Ruiz –


About success, grit and talent.


About “remixing”, and how creativity comes more from outside than inside.


On how constrains and limitations can boost your creativity and problem solution.


Four things we need to embrace to help our creativity to flourish: experience, challenge, limitation and loss.


Creating an awe moment, and how we mix what we actual see and hear with emotional response to create our memories.


How to cope with feared the uncertainty of our future.



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