The Sound of Destiny: an amazing video | #GameAudio

“The thing that is most important for us, as an audio team, is making sure that the person is always hearing the most important thing in the game, at the time they are supposed to hear it. So, when you’re firing your gun, that should be the most important thing that you hear in the game.”

This is just one of the many interesting phrases and concepts you can hear at this amazing video Bungie did about the sound of Destiny.

Destiny is, for sure, one of the best sounding games made in the past couple of years. The2613568-destiny_bungie_1st_person_screenshot_1_1402388379.png first time I played it, I was really impressed how punchy, complex and detailed the in game sound experience is, and how it made me feel. It’s, no doubt, a great example on how an amazing game sound can make you immerse much more in the game.

For sure, this video is the most in depth short documentary about the sound of a Triple A game I’ve seen so far. It really makes you learn more about the whole process, because it gives you some cool inside info. For me, that dream of working on a cool, big project like this, is certainly great to watch it.

It’s divided into four pieces, basically: recording of the sounds, sound designing, mixing and music composition/production.

If you’re thinking about working with game audio, or just want to understand a bit more of the sound design, mix and composition process for a Triple A game, you must watch this.

And, please, do yourself a favor: play it on HD quality (1080p) – it looks incredible and sounds so-much-better! Just click on the left bottom gear/wheel to choose your play quality.


Thanks, Bungie, for this amazing video! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

Mauricio Ruiz –

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