Comedic Sound Design (via @winphillips and @lucafusi) | #GameAudio

Hey! So, last week Winifred Phillips wrote a great article on comedic sound design and game music. It’s a pretty interesting article, where she talks a lot about what makes a SFX fell comedic and funny.

Funny Games Post.jpgReading the article you can understand a lot about it, and how it turns out to be all about expectation and delivering something surprising – and also how it can be a social experience. This is obviously not a new discussion (if you ever saw comedians discussing what makes something funny, you know what I’m talking about), but it’s has been little talked about specific for game audio.

For this, she brings us some great videos (one – below – is an one hour presentation from Luca Fusi at the Vancouver Sound Designer Meetup), and links for some other cool articles (like an interview with Chris Scarabosio, sound designer for Despicable Me and The Grand Budapest Hotel, for example).


It’s a great article, you can learn lots from it. Go read it! 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz –

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