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So, as some might know, I have recently moved from São Paulo (Brazil) to Vancouver (Canada). I am loving this huge change in my life for now, and one of the reasons is that here the game and sound design community is much more active, social and easy to connect with. We have frequent meet ups and events, that are great ways to keep in touch, discover new things and meet new interesting people.

sony-cat-headphones.jpgAnd because of these information exchange, I found out three great game audio and sound design podcasts, that I wanted to share with you.

The first one is a called “Beards, Cats and Indie Game Audio” (iTunes). It’s made by Matthew Marteinsson (@mattesque) and Gordon McGladdery (@AShellinthePit), both sound designers from Vancouver. Matthew is the audio guy at Klei Entertainment  (producers of the amazing Don’t Starve), and has an extensive career in game audio. Gordon is the owner and audio producer at A Shell In The Pit, with a great game audio and sound design experience as well. They both talk about game audio related stuff, and have a guest once in a while.

The second one is called “Game Audio Hour” (iTunes), and is produced by Kyle Johnson (@MTKyle), Michael G. Shapiro (@madbardmike), Vincent Diamante (@sklathill) and Alex May (@atype808). All very experienced music and sound design professionals, that get together once a week (every Monday at 6 pm – Pacific time) to talk about game audio and related subjects (equipment, techniques, etc).

The last one I would like to recommend is a sound design podcast, called Tonebenders (iTunes). Produced by two experienced sound designers, René Coronado (@rene_coronado) and Timothy Muirhead (@azimuthaudio). They approach many different aspects of the profession, from tips and tricks, to more conceptual discussions (the last one was about the Impostor Syndrome, for example).

Well, I think this is enough material to fill your free time for now. Hope you enjoy them. If you have any other to suggest, please, let me know on he comments section and I’ll add them here, ok?!

Mauricio Ruiz –

2 thoughts on “Game Audio and Sound Design Podcasts | #GameAudio #SoundDesign

  1. That’s great you found some new podcasts. It would be really neat to also have a podcast of game composers who do not do sound design but focus only on music discussing implementation, approaches of making music interactive, discussing recent games and their music.

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