A post about footsteps. Yes, footsteps! (by @lostlab)| #GameAudio

Hey, you all! it’s been a while (a month…?!), I know. But I have been up to lots of things, redoing my website and doing a new game audio demo reel (which I’ll be talking about in a future post). But, hey, the blog is back.

timthumb.phpAnd, you may find strange, but this is a post about footsteps. Yes, footsteps. The sound of footsteps.

This asset may be overlooked by many people (“come on, it’s just a footstep”), but a bad footstep sound can create many problems. Problems?! Yes. It can distract the player from the action, it can give a different feeling than the expected (Am I stepping on wood or mud??), a wrong perception of speed (I can’t say how many times I have played games where I think the character sounded slower/faster than it looked like), etc etc etc.

And, searching around this 18 quintillion (ha ha!) articles about everything around the internet, I found an old (?! 2010…) post, by  Damian Kastbauer (@lostlab), about the subject, called “Footsteps – Informal Game Sound Study“. It’s a great, pretty long post, that covers many aspects of the task. And, yes, we should all read it.

Well, hope you enjoy! 🙂

Mauricio Ruiz – www.mauricioruiz.me

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