Effective Audio in Game Design [2016 Full Indie Summit] (by @regameyk) | #GameAudio

Hey, everyone: happy new year! It’s 2017 already, and here I am posting this year’s first article.

So, in 22nd of October 2016, I went to my first Full Indie Summit. And, yes, it was as good as I was expecting it! A full day of interesting presentations by great people of the indie game scenario.

The day started on fire, with the first presentation made by Kevin Regamey, where he talked about effective game audio. To do that, he asked many different audio people the question: “What is the most interesting or most effective way you’ve used audio to contribute to a game’s design?” and compiled their answers in an interesting and fun video.

Interestingly, it related to a post I had written some days before: Using Sound Design to Help Construct Narratives.

Well, I was waiting for it to be released on the Full Indie’s YouTube channel so I could care it with you, and,… voilà! Here it is!


Well, if you wanna see more presentations from the 2016 Full Indie Summit, just go to their YouTube Channel, and you can see them all.

I would specially recommend watching Nels Anderson’s “Firewatch, Design Constraints in Narrative Exploration Games“, Hugh Monahan’s “What Scuttled Brigador’s Launch?” and Kayla Kinnumen’s  “Beyond the Zombie Shooter“. But all the other ones are great too.

Hope you can enjoy them as much as I did!

Mauricio Ruiz – www.mauricioruiz.me

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